Tuesday, February 15, 2011

She's how old?!?

Yes folks, my little girls is a year and a half! That's right, 18 months old today.

We paid a little trip to the Doctor this Valentine's Day for her 18-month check up.
Weight: 24 lbs 8 oz (54th %)
Height: 34" (97th %)

She is up to about 75 words and 10 sounds (like animals sounds, trains etc.)

Her favorite foods are pizza, spaghetti and yogurt

She loves her "babies" aka stuffed animals and dolls.

She likes to line up her toys.
And root beer cans apparently.
Her new favorite thing to do is "upsidedown"

She is so full of spunk and energy and is always smiling and laughing.Being her mommy makes me smile every day.

Be Mine

Our Engagement photo -- we haven't aged at all right?? ;)

It's Valentine's Day and I can feel the L-O-V-E! Brandon and I celebrated V Day last weekend with sort of a western theme - dinner at Outback then to the movies to see True Grit. We fit in a walk on the beach and some Cold Stone to round out the night. Oh yeah and the whole night cost $5. Thanks for the Christmas gift cards everyone!! My mom was sweet enough to keep Ella for us. I love spending time with my man, but it's funny how much we miss being away from Ella even if it's for just a few hours.
I made some cute wax paper hearts to add a little Love to our apartment.

Then for dinner tonight we had heart-shaped BBQ chicken quesadillas & cornbread muffins with heart-shaped brownies for dessert. YUMM-O

Hope you told someone you love them today. Even if it's not a significant other. We become better people by loving others.

Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.

1 John 4: 7

Monday, February 14, 2011

Oliver Todd

I have been babysitting my 6-month-old nephew Ollie a couple times a week for the past few months since my sister Laura went back to work. He is cute as a button and we love having him around.

It has been interesting for me to see what it will be like to have two kids. I can tell it will be a lot of work, but it's not quite the same since he gets picked up at the end of the day.

Ella absolutely adores him. Every time she wakes up she says "Ollie Ollie!" and wants to go out to the living room and see if he is there.

They make such good playmates and I'm really happy Ella has the opportunity to have another little one to play with, even if there is a bit of an age gap (one year). She loves to give him his bottle and pat his back when he needs to be burped.

Having another baby in the house is great for teaching Ella about sharing - a totally foreign concept to an only child. As you can see by this picture, Ella is teaching Ollie how to share his hat, binky and chewy rings. He doesn't seem to mind for now.

It's fun to watch them interact and see how they communicate with eachother.

He is growing so fast and is almost ready to start crawling. He is such a sweet little guy and I am one proud auntie!

Bath Baby

BUBBLES are a girls Best Friend!

December 2010

Brandon turned the Big 2-9 last year! Look at that handsome face.

The ever adorable Ella staying classy.

We had a fantastic Christmas. We missed being with Brandon's side, but we had some fun memorable moments with my side of the family.

Cousins Riley, Ella and Eva

Ella got some sweet shades,

some fun blocks that she is finally learning to stack instead of just knock down,

some super sweats,

and some monogrammed towels from her Auntie Lindsay.

Somebody stole daddy's milkshake.

Thanksgiving 2010

We spent Thanksgiving in Sacramento with Brandon's side of the fam. It was such a fun trip. I loved that the weather was cool and it actually felt like Autumn. I do love living where it is 75 degrees year round, but it is fun to visit places that actually get colder.

Ella briefly crashed at the airport, but woke up as we went through security. She stayed awake on the plane until we landed around 11pm. She did well on the flight until she couldn't get her ears to pop on the descent... not fun... but we survived.
Ella woke up just in time for her first real Thanksgiving meal. Yay solid food!

We spent some time visiting the resting places of Brandon's much loved and missed Grandfathers.

I love this picture of Ella and her daddy.

We also got to go to the Sacramento Zoo!
Ella is captivated by the ostriches.

It was chilly, but Ella was prepared.
We had a bit of rain, but I love to be bundled up inside when it's cold.

Long time no blog

In case you haven't noticed, we have been MIA for a few months. I really don't have a good excuse. Time has really just been slipping past me and now that it is February I can no longer blame it on the Holidays. So, I decided I should do some catching up! Enjoy the next few posts!