Thursday, September 18, 2008

Brandon's Photo Caption Contest

I am ambivalent about blogs. To me they essentially provide a means of staying informed about the lives of friends and family without having to make the effort of actually talking to them. On the other hand I think that blogs can be incredibly boring. I feel that a good blog is one that chronicles an event in someone’s life. Sadly, Chelsea and I lead pretty uneventful lives. So instead I have decided to post this picture.

This is my favorite childhood picture. I think my mother took it when I was six or seven years old. My mother affectionately titled it “He-Man Takes a Break” I love this caption. I feel that it captured the essence of my youth. Those not in my immediate family may not realize that I was a very hyper kid. My mom always said that I would run around and around until I just crashed. I am sure she was at least a little relived when I finally feel asleep, which must have been the motivation when she took the picture.

So I have decided that for my first attempt at blogging I would hold a caption-writing contest. Rules are simple. Just post a new photo caption. I will choose the winner in a couple weeks. In addition to the pride that comes with winning such a contest the winner will also receive an autographed copy of the above photo.

Good luck!


Jason said...

My vote is for "Tube sock stripling warrior." I also considered "Drool Master of the Universe - He-Man" but couldn't get past what appears to be a great combination of tube socks and slippers. I am also curious if you are wearing a cape or a bathrobe? Full props for this contest.

The Parkers said...

"80's Eight Year-Old Drunk and Passed Out!" (David's)

"Rainbow Boy fell asleep looking for the pot of gold!"

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Jason said...

"Boy gets punched in the eyes and left for dead." -Jason B.

Jessica Martiele said...

"And All it Took was a Little Nyquil in His Soup..."

Elise Norwood said...

"Limp Toe and the magical rainbow." Yup, that's the winner.

James, Natllely and Riley said...

“Super shorts takes 5.”

“Brandon decided to retire to his bed after his high-hopes of becoming a fashion designer were shattered…”

“Brandon was disappointed to realize his tiny red shorts lacked the superpower to run through walls…”

© James Green

MB Newson said...

"Papa Smurf in his youth after a night out with Rainbow Brite"

museumeg said...

So who won? I of course vote for my sweetie except it should be "Slipper-Sock Stripling Warrior." I like the Papa Smurf one too and I am curious, what is "Limp Toe?"