Sunday, March 15, 2009

Solvang Trip

This past weekend we went up to Solvang for a bike ride. We went up with Brandon's dad and some of my family was up there as well.

Everyone did such a great job. Brandon had a little technical problem with his bike, but he managed to get through it just fine.

I was really sad I couldn't go on the ride (being pregnant, it's not really safe). But I had a fun time walking around the town and eating danishes! It was a really fun weekend.


Heidi said...

that sounds like a fair trade... they bike ride, while you eat danishes... LOVE IT!

Emily said...

Solvang is so beautiful! It is a cute little town to visit.

museumeg said...

Oh, I love danishes! I bet they were so good in Solvang!

Mr. Mustachio said...

Is it wrong for me to want a life-sized cardboard cut-out of Brandon in his biking attire? And, am I the only one who expects to see a bunch of midgets walking around Solvang performing musical numbers?

Renee Jensen (mom/grandma) said...

YEA BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those of us who did the 50 mile ride thought it was quite a feat! I can't imagine TWICE that many miles! Good for you and your dad!
p.s. Mr. Mustachio is wierd!! :)