Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a lot of fun with family this Thanksgiving weekend. We celebrated Thanksgiving at the Stewart's house and had lots of delicious food. Brandon's cousin Owen and his wife Maki came over too with their darling son Zen.

Ella was excited to meet her second cousin. As you can see she really liked him.
(If you're wondering what happened to Ella's hair, Brandon was trying to hold the baby and eat mashed potatoes & gravy at the same time. Result = gravy head)

Grams and Auntie got to have some Ella time too.
Ella's onesie says "My Auntie Loves Me"

On Saturday evening we drove to Rancho Santa Fe for my cousin's wedding reception. The clouds got darker and darker as we drove and it was pouring by the time we got there.

It was a fun trip though, and a beautiful reception for a beautiful couple.

Ella also got some play time with her cousin Eva.
Cousin Love!
Eva wants to snuggle.
It was nice to have Brandon home for a couple extra days. Now the count down is on for Christmas!


Susie said...

Ella's hair is looking red now!!! So cute!! And I love that she is 2 months younger than Eva and yet she is so much bigger. Gotta love our big girls!

museumeg said...

I love these pictures! So cute! You guys must have had so much fun. I mean except for poor Ella's gravy head. lol Looking forward to Christmas.

Cheryl said...

Ella and Eva could totally pass for sisters. How fun is that to see family resemblance at such a young age! :)

Raimo and Jessica Laitinen said...

so cute! and i really love the family photos you posted below. the cats in the pockets are hillarious!