Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Some videos

Here are some videos of Ella being cute and some of her recent accomplishments.
Ella has some pajamas with cat faces on the feet. I walked in to check on her the other morning and she was awake just staring at her feet so I got it on video.

Playing with her toys.

Rolling over.

She can sit up now, still a little wobbly though.

She's getting ready to crawl.
It won't be long till she's on the move. Go Ella Go!


Emily said...

Look at her go. My kids were such laggers man....I just want to squish those thighs of hers. She is adorable!

James, Natllely, Riley & Eva said...

what a babe! she is too cute :)

museumeg said...

Seriously, I love that face! She is doing so well, sitting up, starting to crawl. You better start babyproofing fast! Miss you guys. We should try to chat on Skype some time.