Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ella's 6 Months on V-Day

Ella is 6 months old now! Her half-birthday was on Valentines Day

Here are her stats from her check up this week:
Weight: 17 lbs 13 oz (84th percentile)
Length: 27" (90th percentile)

She did not enjoy the shots. Mostly because our nurse took her sweet time with each shot, stretching out the whole process. I almost went into panic mode and snapped at the nurse, but was able to control myself. It's hard hearing your baby scream. I opted to have them give her two additional shots - the regular flu and H1N1 flu shots, but was regretting it when she was crying :( But she recovered later that day and now she won't get the flu!

She is loosing some of her chub. We discovered she actually does have a neck! It seems she is starting to stretch out. Think it's too early to sign her up for basketball? It's so cute to see her features become more prominent and her personality come out. She is getting more mobile every day.

Here's some Ella cuteness for you because I know you have been craving a fix!

Flirting for the camera

Playing with her toy she got for Christmas from Grams. One day she'll learn you're supposed to push the orange button down, not suck on it. But for now, that's her favorite thing to do.

Laughing at me smacking my lips.

Brandon and I celebrated Valentines Day with our first date since Ella was born. Brandon had Monday off, so we went to the movies and saw Avatar (in 3D awesomeness!) and went to Black Angus. It was a great date, but even better since it was free - we had gift cards - Score! It was so much fun to be out just the two of us, but we missed our baby. We tried not to, but we just kept saying, "I wonder what Ells is doing." She had a great day with her Grandma Jensen, they went for a walk and played with toys.

I bought Rice cereal, a sippy cup and spoons for Ella this week. *sniff* She is growing up.
Here's our girl with me at Huntington Beach this past weekend.


Sarah Bee said...

I love you and Ella!

museumeg said...

You and Ella are such pretty ladies! I miss you! I love her little laugh! It cracks me up. What a doll! I can't believe how well is is starting to crawl and moving onto solid foods. They grow up way too fast. Sigh. Love all of you.

Susie said...

She is just so cute! One of these days we will have to come out and visit!

Sundbergs said...

Thanks for leaving a comment. YOur family is so beautiful. Your little girl is precious. Looks like you guys are doing great.

Emily said...

Too cute Chelsea!!!! I can't believe how mobile she is at 6 months. My kids take their precious time to do all that stuff.

Kim said...

Wow 6 months! IIt is so sad when they start "stretching out" and when you realize they do have necks. :( She is adorable. She looks just like the both of you.

Jessica Martiele said...

LOVE that photo...but...Ella, NO! KEEP THE CHUB!!!!!!!!!!!!