Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ella's First Birthday

Ella turned ONE this past Saturday!
We had a little party for her at Grams and Grandpa Stewart's house. It was so much fun. Ella had a blast. She was pretty worn out from all the playing and swimming.
Here's the birthday girl ready for some fun.
Let's go in the bounce house Grams!
Kid Paradise
Riley and Ezra going for a ride.
Watching the kids swim.
She got lots of new books to read.
Kissing her new baby doll from Grandma Jensen. She has recently discovered baby dolls and stuffed animals. She carries them around the house all the time now and hugs them and pats them. It's so cute.
Reading some of her new books with Grandma Jensen and Great Grandma Long. Ella would read books all day long if she could. She will constantly bring me book after book. I love it.
Grandma Jensen with all her silly grandkids together for the first time including new little Ollie. Ella thinks his nose looks pretty squishy.

Eva is a little chilly after her dip in the pool.
Matt and Alina take a snooze in the hammock.
Ready for her cake!!
She was a little timid at first...
Then she realized it was yummy and dug in!

Ella enjoying her cupcake.


Heidi said...

SUper Cute! Happy Birthday Ella!

Who is Ollie? I love that name!!

Brandon + Chelsea + Ella said...

Thanks Heidi! Ollie (Oliver) is my sister Laura's baby. He was born in July. The first boy! He's a cutie.

Emily said...

Wow, that went by fast!!!! So cute Chelsea.

Elise said...

Wow! That really IS a kid paradise!!!

crystal b. said...

Time flies, huh! Savor these days. Before you know it, she will be in kindergarten.

babalisme said...

Oh, my!! What a paradise for both kids and kids at heart alikes! Happy belated birthday Ella!

The Outhier 'Ohana said...

I agree. Your blog is cooler! How did you put the music on and the fish tank at the bottom of your blog? Please clue me in because I could figure out how to put music on my blog.

Thanks for all your help, Chelsea!