Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Another Tough Playoff Exit

So that's it, the Angels are done for the season. Although they completed their most successful year in franchise history, with 100 wins, they failed to get past the Red Sox in the ALDS for the second consequtive year and the third time in five years. No more Angels baseball until March 2009... I hesitate to get excited because Brandon will now be focusing all that free time on football and other things I don't care about. At least baseball I enjoy.

Fortunately, the Waites were kind enough to take Brandon and I to last Wednesday nights game. Although it was a tough loss to the Red Sox, we were able to experience some firsts: First time at a post season game, first time at a Red Sox game, and FIRST TIME ON TV!! Check us out:

When we got there, we were given these red posters that could be folded up like an accordion and whacked against anything to make a loud noise! Brandon liked his a lot! We were excited for the experience, but sad for the loss.

We will miss you Angels.

On another note. Congratulations to Jason for his winning caption of "Drool Master of the Universe" Simple, yet so good. Second place would go to Jessica Bradshaw for her new caption of "And all it took was a little NyQuil" Finally honorable mention goes to Elise Norwood for throwing in past references into her caption. Thanks to everyone for playing, we enjoyed them all.


Elise Norwood said...

Nice! You were on TV out of thousands and thousands of people! I went to Dancing With The Stars last year (not nearly as many people, of course) and. . . nothin! I tried and tried to see us in the corner but I couldn't even make out a blur. Disappointing.
Oh and thanks for the honorable mention. I'll try not to be a sore loser :)

Heidi said...

That is so funny! Matt and I were watching the game and totally saw you guys! How fun!

Elise Norwood said...

We are going private on our blog. Can you send us your email so that we can add you to the list?

museumeg said...

I hate when my team loses! Poor Brandon! Was he sad for a few days? Did he keep the noise-maker? You can always "accidentally" throw it out later. That was awesome seeing you on TV! Where did you get the clip?

Chelsea and Brandon said...

Yes Brandon was pretty sad, he was too upset to keep his noisemaker. He threw it down in disgust! But he is ok now. My brother was recording the game so he put it on a DVD for us.

KTprice said...

oh my gosh that is the coolest thing ever!! we are HUGE angel fans and were also at that game (we should have won the whole thing) I am friends with Brandon from WAY back in the day... its fun to see you guys on here!