Saturday, November 22, 2008

our life update

So we have totally been slacking on posting, but for those of you who were wondering, we are still alive! Maybe we are too busy, or maybe our lives are just too uneventful! The fact that our camera is broken might be a factor as well. So, what's new with us? Well, Brandon has been riding his new bike a lot. He loves it. He is training to ride the century in Solvang next March. Yes, that's 100 miles... and yes he is crazy. I go with him when I can keep up. I'm sticking to the 50 mile rides, thanks! As for me, I have been super busy with school, just trying to hold on until the end of the semester mercifully comes in three weeks. Hooray! Of course I have to mention that i saw TWILIGHT last night! And it was Awesome! I really thought it would be cheesy and lame based on the previews, but I was so wrong! It was great and I cannot wait to see it again! Next week we are going up to Utah for Thanksgiving and staying with some of Brandon's family. I am so excited! It will be so nice to take some time off work and spend time with family and eat lots of food! My three favorite things to do! Have a happy Thanksgiving!


museumeg said...

When did Brandon turn into such a biker? I wish would could be with you all at Thanksgiving. Give everybody hugs and kisses for me.

Emily said...

Have a great holiday week!! I too enjoyed Twilight. I was expecting it to be lame, but low and behold I really liked it.