Saturday, April 25, 2009

Walk for Autism

Team We Love Josh had a super fun time today doing the Walk for Autism in Pasadena. It was great to see so many people and a lot of great booths with information and resources. The weather couldn't have been better. We took the short route so Chelsea didn't get too worn out. It turned out to be really short, but that was just fine for some of us! Thanks so much to Lindsay for planning this all for us (and for the sweet buttons). Brandon showed his appreciation by pouring his water bottle on Lindsay's head (since we didn't have a cooler of Gatorade). I know she really appreciated that... well, maybe not :) Thanks so much to all who donated and participated. Over $1 million was raised! I'm really glad we were able to do something to try to make a difference (even though small) for kids everywhere, but especially for our wonderful Josh!

Even the Storm Troopers came out to show their support.
(You can play "I Spy" in this picture to find Dad.)

Getting pumped up for the walk... don't we all look pumped??

Berlin, Ryan, Lindsay, Mom, Dad, Brandon, Chelsea (and baby)


Jason said...

B & C

Thank you so much for doing the walk! Looks like it was a great day and a great turn out, even the storm troopers made it out. Both Megan and I are so appreciative for your efforts. Please let us know if there is anything we can for you.


museumeg said...

You guys are awesome! Thank so so so much for doing this! You are helping so many kids with the money you raised and the awareness you are helping to create! This means so much to us! Thank you with all of our hearts! We love you all!
BTW - Love the buttons!

Emily said...

What a great cause to raise so much money for. look at you, you cute prego mamma. Your little belly is so cute.

mhhigbees said...

What a great picture of some of my favorite people in the whole world. The kids love the storm troopers. We wish we could have joined you! We love you!

Jessica Martiele said...

How cool are you guys? Even cooler, how cool is your finally-visably-pregnant belly?!?! :) Congrats on your walk...and your 14 remaining weeks!

Kim said...

How cute is your little belly!