Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Angel Game

Wally and Donna Waite were kind enough to share their awesome seats at Angel Stadium with us last night. Of course the Angels won because I rubbed my belly for good luck! We were a little hesitant to go as I am a few days past my due date, but I am feeling ok as long as I take it easy. Maybe part of us was secretly wishing she would be born at the stadium and it would be this amazing story that would make headlines and all the players would come over and take pictures with us, and Mike Scioscia would give us free tickets for life. Oh well, maybe next time!

A foul ball bounced around and landed right in front of Donna. She picked it up and handed it to Brandon, but aparently the ball had hit a little girl a few seats away from us before it made it's way to us. So everyone starting chanting for Brandon to "Give her the ball!" So with all the peer pressure, Brandon was nice enough to give it to the little girl (who we think was just startled more than actually injured). So everyone cheered that Brandon was such a nice guy. Then an usher heard that Brandon gave away the ball so he brought Brandon another ball that the team had used that day! Lesson learned: kindness is rewarded!

Some crazy Dodger fan kept standing up and yelling about how great the Dodgers are (like anyone cares at an ANGEL game). So people started getting annoyed with him and security eventually escorted him out. As you can see in this video Brandon captured, some fan took his hat and threw it. It actually made it all the way onto the field. It was pretty entertaining.

We go to see Vlad get two home runs, the second of which was his 400th career home run. Way to go Vlad, maybe you do have a little bit of juice left in you! We are starting a fund to buy him a Hover-round scooter for getting around the outfield. Let us know if you'd like to contribute.
Thanks to Wally and Donna for the fun game! Donna gave me a cute Angels diaper bag with some goodies for the baby! We have an appointment Friday at 8 am for me to be induced if baby doesn't come before then. Just a few more days and she should be here!


Heidi said...

fun.fun.fun. so good to hear you are feeling well! and yay for your induction date. there is an end!

Jessica Martiele said...

Ooooh, so close, but still so far away...sleep well tonight and tomorrow night, 'cuz after that, lady, you're SCREWED!!! :)