Thursday, November 5, 2009

Litter bugs

Has your foot ever been baptized in orange soda? If not, you are lucky. It is not so fun to get out of your car in the Vons parking lot and step on a full cup of sticky orange nastiness... in sandals. I was unfortunate enough to have this experience yesterday and it got me thinking about how lazy people are that they can't even walk to the trash can (which was only 10 feet away max!) or at least hold their trash in their car until they get home.

I have to admit that I was once guilty of this crime, but I was just a kid, so I can say I didn't know any better. I learned at a young age that littering is a no-no. One fine day as a youngster, I was happily enjoying my pudding snack in the parking lot while mom quickly ran into the store. When I was done, I of course didn't want to hold the trash all the way home, so I carefully placed it on the ground outside the door of our car (sweet dodge caravan). We were a good distance from the store when my mom realized I no longer had my snack and asked what I had done with the trash. I casually admitted it's new location, thinking it was no big deal. I had seen other people do this, so isn't it okay? Needless to say mom was shocked. I learned my lesson when she turned the car around and drove back to the store so I could properly dispose of my garbage.

I am glad I had a mother who taught me this lesson. Why is it that some people, adults even, feel it is okay to use the parking lot as a trash can? Did their parents never teach them this lesson? Do they just have no respect for their community? Do they not mind walking around in a sea of trash? Don't even get me started about cigarette butts thrown out the window or dropped on the ground... I may not be the most "green" person, but I at least put my garbage (half empty soda cups included) where it belongs. And that place is not in my shoe!


museumeg said...

Amen! The kids and I were skipping rocks at a beautiful local lake when Josh picked up an empty beer can and threw it in the water too. Yuck! People who litter in beautiful places are especially bad.

Mr. Mustachio said...

I can't believe how lazy people can be at times, to not even look before they step out of the car. Boom!

Cheryl said...

Seriously, Chelsea! I totally agree. I LOVE the story of how your mom drove you back to pick up your litter. I have to say it challenged me to consider if I would have done the same-I certainly hope so! :)
How is beautiful Ella doing? I can't wait to meet her! :)

Sarah Bee said...

Omgsh Seriously! You have no idea what I find on the property at work that our poor janitor has to pick up daily. The other day he found three boxes of Empty "Magnum" wrappers. Im so sorry you had to have Sticky Foot all while trying to grocery shop. I really dont understand why their mother has never taught them to throw trash in the trash can.