Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Some Firsts

This month Ella had a few firsts.

She experienced her first time in a swimming pool. Luckily it was heated so it felt like bath water. Daddy took her around and she would kick her little legs like crazy. She loved it!

She met her cousins the Higbees for the first time who were visiting from Provo.

She also had her first Halloween. We went over to Grams' house and passed out candy. Ella had so much fun she fell asleep with all her toys.

Ella laughed out loud for the first time this month too. Our attempts to get this on video have been unsuccessful. She always stops when the camera comes on, but hopefully we can catch it soon.


museumeg said...

How fun! I'm glad she got to meet the Higbees and go swimming. She is so cute! Love her little Halloween outfit. And I LOVE your hair Chelsea! When did you cut it?

Heidi said...

oh so cute! and you are lookin good momma!

Emily said...

Cute hairdo Chelsea!!! Enjoy these moments with her because it goes way toooooo fast!

Sarah Bee said...

Your so cute! & Ella too!! Awww...And I LOVE your hair!