Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Solvang 2010

This past weekend we went up to Solvang for the annual century bike ride. Brandon and his dad conquered 100 miles on their bikes on Saturday through the beautiful countryside just north of Santa Barbara. The wind was brutal, but it didn't rain.

Deborah, Ella and I tried to stay warm by eating custard puffs and sipping hot chocolate in Mortensen's Bakery.

Ella with her friend Hans Christian Andersen.

The victors!

So proud of daddy for toughing it out and finishing strong!

Brandon had fun, but was so happy to be done!

Ella agrees it was a good trip. She gave it a thumbs-up.


James, Natllely, Riley & Eva said...

loooks like fun!

Heidi said...

oh my... that pastry looks way too good! Looks like an adventure for sure. Not sure I could ever do that.

museumeg said...

Good for Dad and Brandon! And man oh man, I NEED one of those pastries! Those custard puffs look SOOOOO good! Of course I am a pastry worshipper. And Ella looks scrumptious too!

Tanya said...

That is pretty amazing. I have never been up there but I have heard it is a lot of fun!!

Emily said...

Those custard things look delicious!!! Fun trip!!

Elise said...

Uhhhh, "custard puff?" Let me at it!

Oh, and good job Brandon and Bro. Stewart!! Whoo Hoo!