Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Last weekend we headed out to Arizona for some spring training baseball. We saw the Angels vs the Giants in Scottsdale on Friday,
then saw them play again on Saturday at the Angel's stadium in Tempe.

The weather was in the mid seventies and slightly breezy. Can't get much more perfect than that for baseball.

Ella did really good most of the time, she would get a little restless here and there (can you believe a 7-month-old wouldn't stay in her seat for a four hour game? so rude!) so we would take turns walking her around the stadium. She had fun watching all the people and trying to talk to the other babies she saw. She even squeezed in a nap at Friday's game.

It was also our anniversary on Friday and that night our hotel room number was the same number as our first apartment we moved into when we got married! Isn't that sweet? How sentimental...

We got to visit some friends and eat some really good food.

Ella did great on the car trip. It was about 4-5 hours each way and she slept almost the whole time. When she wasn't sleeping she was sweetly singing to her toys. She is such a sweet girl.


museumeg said...

How fun! Such cute pictures, especially the one of Brandon slamming down that slice. LOL. But seriously Ella in that ladybug dress with sunglasses and bow, way TOO cute! What a sweet girl. She's all set to become a super Angels fan.

Tanya said...

what a fun trip, and you are so lucky that ella is so good in the car, my boys complain about 40 minute trips only they can talk and whine and all uugghh, the car trip to tahoe in september is going to be Awesome, lol...Ella is so sweet...girls are just sweeter I think...