Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Taking Flight

This Saturday we will be taking Ella on her first flight on an airplane. We are going up to Sacramento and back to visit Grandma and Grandpa Patton who will be meeting Ella, their great granddaughter, for the first time! We are so excited and can't wait to go. I'm a little nervous to see how Ella will do on the plane. If anyone has any tips for making plane trips with babies a little easier, please comment!


Tanya said...

more snacks than you think you need and if you're nursing it is a godsend because that usually calms any ailment. I always got a new toy each trip, one they had never seen before that would be fun to play with on a plane (not super loud)as they got older that has become a new movie. I have flown tons of times with the boys and overall they have been really good it is just a matter of making sure they are sucking/and or swallowing on the way up and on the way down to prevent ear problems. I also always give tylenol before a flight just in case a problem does happen they are already medicated. as they got older I have added chewable dramamine since my oldest one gets a little motion sick, ella is still probably too little for dramamine but I always found flying with a nursing child was the easiest because I always had an ace in the hole even if it meant nursing them all they way to Tennessee, lol....good luck and have fun!!

Jessica Martiele said...

Nurse like crazy, change diapers RIGHT before getting on the plane, and above all, know that not everyone is pissed off at you and your adorable little girl when she cries the entire flight, and she may. They've all been there, and if anything, they just want to scoop her up and hug her to relieve YOUR mortification. GOOD LUCK!

Lisa and Mark said...

1. take the time to butter up the flight attendants. they might give YOU that empty row of seats rather than the other moms on the flight.

2. you will have to nurse. and you will be sitting next to a 30-year old guy who looks like he's never seen a baby before. be prepared.

3. the best toy might be crinkled paper. (it was for mine).

4. if she cries the entire duration of the flight, you will think that it's the worst thing ever. but you will step off the flight and never see those people again. it's true.

5. use the pull down lap thing. fun to slap.

6. don't try to drink your courtesy drink with her on your lap. bad idea.

7. lucy's ears didn't hurt at all (and she's a major whiner) so you might not have to worry about that.

8. lots of pacifiers.

9. let her eat the magazines in the seat pocket in front of you.

good luck! it just might be hell, but i promise it will be over! :)